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The Nutriblond Care Shampoo was made for blonde and gray hair. Maintains the perfect blonde tone, without leaving it yellow, while protecting the hair structure, leaving them strong and healthy.
To be used daily, right after bleaching hair. ***Packaging May Vary


Peach Oil, Vitamins

Nutriblond Care Shampoo 300ml 10.1fl.oz.

  • The line Nutriblond Care it is designed to clean hair, but if not used in sufficient quantity, it will not have the desired effect. Find out how much of the product you should use to keep hair looking healthy.

    In the palm of your hand, put enough amount for your hair of the Nutriblond Care Shampoo. Apply to damp hair, massaging the scalp and hair. Rinse well and repeat the procedure if necessary.

    Then apply the Nutriblond Care Conditioner along the entire length of the wires gloving them, especially on unwanted reflections. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Extend the time if necessary. Rinse well.

    Finalize as you wish.

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