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The Honma Pro Hair Finisher Spray Liss Effect promotes perfect finishing with long-lasting smooth effect, even after several washes. It has an innovative formula that activates thermal protection and activates organic Biosilicon that provides repair of split ends, controls frizz and decreased drying time, resulting in hair with extreme shine, softness and natural balance. ***Packaging May Vary



- For all hair types


• Decrease drying time
• Facilitates and prolongs the brush's durability
• Maintenance of straightened hair
• Decreases hair volume
• Detangling effect
• Repair split ends
• Anti frizz
• Extreme brightness
• Softness
• Smooth turbo effect
• Thermal and solar protection

Honma Pro Finish Liss Effect 300ml 10.1fl.oz.

  • The line Liss Effect it is developed to finish the hair, but if it is not used in sufficient quantity, it will not have the desired effect. Find out how much of the product you should use to keep hair looking healthy.

    With clean and damp hair, spray the Honma Pro liss Effect Hair Finisher Spray evenly across the hair.

    Then brush and straighten your hair.

    Note: Can be applied daily, compatible with all chemicals.

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