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Honma Pro Finish DD Cream Integrale is a multifunctional product without rinsing, which promotes protection, repair and strengthening of hair. Its formula contains Macadamia Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Baobab Oil, Cysteine ​​and Keratin. ***Packaging May Vary



- For all hair types


• Fortification
• Hydration
• Nutrition
• Thermal and mechanical protection
• Grape / uvb sun protection
• Anti-frizz
• Intense shine
• Enhances coloring
• Softness
• Deep repair
• Detangling effect

Honma Pro Finish DD Cream Integrale 300ml 10.1fl.oz.

  • The line DD Cream Integrale it is designed to treat hair, but if not used in sufficient quantity, it will not have the desired effect. Find out how much of the product you should use to keep hair looking healthy.

    Apply the required amount of DD Cream Integrale on your hands and spread evenly or damp hair from length to tip.

    Do not rinse. Finish as you wish.

    Note: Allows you to model curls (apply to damp hair).

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