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H-Detox Prime Purifying Shampoo promotes high cleaning power to hair without damaging it, removing heavy metals and impurities that accumulate on a daily basis. It purifies and helps reduce scalp oiliness due to Marine Bioactives and Natural Assets, which provide numerous benefits in the detoxification process. Keeps hair clean and hydrated for longer.***Packaging May Vary


– Purification

– Reduces scalp oiliness

– Acts on the scalp and hair


PH = 4.5 - 5.5

Color = Light Green

H-Detox Prime Shampoo 1L 33.8fl.oz.

  • The H-Detox Prime Mask promotes hydration and nutrition to the hair, enhancing the detoxification process. It has Marine Bioactive and Natural Assets that promote silky, flexible and intense shine hair, leaving them protected and healthy for longer.

    1 - In the palm of your hand, apply enough amount to your hair of the H-Detox Hair Shampoo and spread it over the entire length of the hair, massaging the scalp and gloving to the ends. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times. Rinse hair thoroughly.

    2 - Remove any excess water from the hair and divide it into four parts. Apply the H-Detox Green Juice strand by strand gluing to the ends. Pause for 5 to 10 minutes.

    3 - Then, without rinsing your hair, continue applying the H-Detox Mask, gloving to the ends. Pause 5 minutes.

    After pausing, rinse well and finish as desired.

  • The H-Detox Prime  line promotes hair detoxification, promoting purification, reduction of scalp oil, deep nutrition and hydration of hair, in addition to preparing them for new chemical processes. It has Marine Bioactive and Natural Assets of Lemon, Cucumber and Apple that act in hair detoxification, promoting silkiness, shine and suppleness, leaving them protected and healthy for longer.

    Purifying Shampoo = pH 4,5 - 5,5

    Capillary Green Juice Fluid = pH 2,0 - 3,0

    Enhancing Mask = pH pH 3,5 - 4,5


    - For all hair types. It can be used before any chemical processes.

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