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Skin Protector Doctor Honma is a dermocosmetic formula specially developed for the care and protection of the epidermis and scalp during chemical coloring, discoloration, smoothing and relaxation processes. I nourished and acts as a natural dermal regenerator after shaving and hair removal processes, soothing and normalizing irritated skin due to its formula enriched with plant extracts and vitamins.


Know the benefits:

1. Nourish and regenerate the skin

2. Natural dermal healing

3. Protection of the scalp during the acidic or

alkaline chemical process (coloring, discoloration or straightening)

4. Healing after shaving or waxing

5. Dermal regenerator (diabetics)

6. Soothes skin disorders in general.

Doctor Honma Skin Protector 90ml 3.0fl.oz.


    Before starting the process of chemical transformation of coloring, discoloration, smoothing or relaxation, apply the Skin Protector Doctor Honma throughout the scalp, ears, sides and nape.


    Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin and massage gently until completely absorbed.

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