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The Hair Tonic Doctor Honma has a formula enriched with plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins B, C and E, which will reactivate and normalize the activity of hair follicles, combating hair loss and promoting the growth of strong and resistant threads. It has light texture.


Know the benefits:

1. Increases vascularization of the hair follicle (alopecia androgens).

2. Natural enzyme 5 alpha reductase inhibitor (anti-fall action)

3. Facilitates oxygenation and supply of nutrients during the anagen phase process, thus increasing follicular activity.

4. Increases differentiation of keratinocytes and cellular metabolic activity, and consequently the growth of os (30 to 120 days).

5. Strengthens the new ones due to the high concentration of amino acids and vitamins with complex B, C and E.

6. Natural anti-inflammatory of the hair follicle.

Doctor Honma Hair Tonic 90ml 3.0fl.oz.

  • Shake before using.

    Apply Hair Tonic Doctor Honma on the scalp daily and preferably before bed.

    Massage gently with your fingertips in a circular motion until completely absorbed.

    Do not rinse.

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