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Collagen Bio Coconut Discipline has exclusive technology that disciplines and promotes functional benefits to the hair. It has a gelatinous formula with a light texture and rich in multi-active Bioactive agents that act directly on the hair fiber, from the cortex to the outer layers of the hair, providing immediate and prolonged results. Promotes ultra hydration, repair and protection to the hair against external agents, revealing shine and softness to the hair. Formula enriched with Coconut Oil, Collagen and Wheat Protein.

***Packaging May Vary


Disciplining Single Step = pH 2,0 - 2,5



- For all hair types.

Collagen Bio Coconut

  • High straightening technology that facilitates the active permeation in the hair fiber, due to the light texture of the gelatinous collagen and the nanotechnology that offer better performance. The moment the hair receives a heat source and mechanical action (brushing and straightening), the molecules rearrange themselves promoting a smooth, malleable and long-lasting structure.

    - Transformation / Alignment

    - Fast action

    - Bioeffects

    - Bioactive

    PH = 2,0 - 2,5

    Color = Slightly yellow

  • The Collagen Biococonut line it is designed to straighten hair, but if not used in sufficient quantity, it will not have the desired effect. Find out how much of the product you should use to keep hair looking healthy.


    1- Shake before using. With clean hair, divide it into 4 parts.


    2- Apply Collagen BioCoconut Disciplining 1 cm away from the root, aligning the strands with a fine comb. Leave for 20 minutes.


    3- After 20 minutes, partially rinse the product and remove excess water with a towel and begin the brushing process until the threads are completely polished then plank in thin strands.

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